The following are selected highlights from promotional projects I have created.

Note that this WordPress, HTML5, CSS website and the images, text, photos, code, themes, as well as everything else has been somehow created, edited, manipulated, collaborated, inspired, overseen, and/or handled or managed by me.

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My Videos Page on this website also contains highlights of my visual work.

As Head Chair of the non-profit K9COLA: Citizens for Off-Leash Areas, I look for opportunities to utilize my creative abilities. This video is a commercial I wrote, directed, and edited using DaVinci Resolve.

The GoPro footage I captured, and although we didn’t have the budget for Guy Fieri, I got the next best thing(?)

Created with Adobe Premiere Pro, this is an animated promotional video I created in 2017

Here is a five-second version, which will serve as a bumper for future videos

Another project created with Adobe Premiere Pro. Conceptualized and directed by Aubrey Near, featuring Brookie Robinson, this video contains the song “Hope Strings” with video editing collaboratively by us three. Utilizing a harp and string arrangement combined with hip-hop beats, I wrote and arranged this song within days specifically for this project.

As Head Chair of K9COLA, one of my responsibilities is creating engaging media. Here is the August 2017 City Revealed magazine, which includes an article I wrote about our 2017 K9SPLASH! dog swim event. The article is on page 17 of this .pdf, which is page 15 on the print version. Download the .pdf Magazine
K9SPLASH! Article

A print ad I designed that ran for three months in Guitar Player Magazine in 2016 after I was featured in an article. An 8.5x11in print flyer I designed where I created a Patriotic color scheme for my Burning Pick logo
Guitar Player Print Ad Linn Co. Fair Burning Pick Flyer

While working as a developer in 2012 I designed a poster for a job fair at the University of Iowa, the
print size was 4ft x 3ft
One of the many Press Releases I’ve written over the years that was sent to print, radio, TV, and online media outlets both
digitally as a .pdf or by postal mail.
U of I Tech Poster 2012
Bash Press Release

Another 8.5x11in Flyer I designed, this time utilizing various logos and images for higher intensity Utilizing my band photo, I had a little fun with a multi-band show creating a flyer for a youth venue

DPG Parlor City

Groundswell Show Flyer

Did I mention I was featured in the national publication Guitar Player Magazine? One of the longest running guitar publications, I was featured alongside one of my students due to my relationship and mentoring which my student carried on to younger musicians.
Dave in Guitar Player Magazine The article from Guitar Player Magazine

This project features more work in Adobe Premiere Pro.
My team created this short video where I did all the audio elements. All sound effects, Foley work, and dialog were edited by me. In particular, the audio captured live during the shoot was unusable, so I had to do extensive editing to replace and sync the video spoken dialog with re-recorded audio. All songs were written by me, and one was conceived, written, recorded, and mixed in one-day for use the next using Pro Tools.

AWKWARD on Vimeo.

Being involved in the Linn County Fair since 2016, I am not only the Free Entertainment Tent Coordinator, but I also serve on the Marketing Committee and Social Media Outreach Committee. Facebook Live is a part of my tasks, where I meet with, interview, have some fun with, and promote the acts and our fair online. Here are some highlight interviews I have done.

In 2020, our fair had to go virtual. Here is my “Get to Know” interview at my recording studio Wall of Sound Productions
Introducing Greg Hager

Greg Hager Guitar Talk

Fun with Greg Hager

Interviewing Ace Jones

Talking with Jonny Lipford

Chatting with Eastern Iowa Arts Academy Youth

Introducing Damascus Road

Meeting the Deep Dish Divas