Being busy is good. Complaining about all the irons in the fire is a lot better than being frustrated about not having any gigs.

If you check out my Shows page you can see that I have a variety of performances. Aside from Barbe and I performing our Undistorted acoustic set, and two electric band shows, I’m performing with Los Angeles-based country singer Alan Boivin and the Marion Road Band, doing two shows during the Linn County Fair as well. This show will also feature my friend Arty ALC Cavazos on bass guitar. Not to mention, I recently came off of teaching an Audio Recording class at the Eastern Iowa Arts Academy, and have a recording session upcoming at the Academy’s studio where I am engineering and producing a spoken word and music project.

Oh yeah: Last weekend we did our FredStock show, where we performed with a fill-in drummer. Check out some video footage of me playing a Shovel Guitar.

After seemingly being dormant from performing for so long, it’s good to be getting back out there. It’s a little complicated having so many different sets. Barbe and I have acoustic arrangements of cover tunes, a set performing full-band electric cover songs ranging from One Republic, Pat Benatar, and the Black Keys, and our modern hard rock set of instrumental and vocal originals, and covers from bands like Alter Bridge. Of course, most all these sets feature some tracks from my Jury of my Peers release, and possibly something from Words and Music.

Hopefully you’ll be able to check some of these shows out. This is a great summer of guitar playing so I’m looking forward to sharing it and making new friends.

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