Barbe Paris Close-up

Barbe Paris

Barbe Paris has been a staple of Dave’s music since the early days. Having met in a music theory class, their collaboration has transcended decades, projects, and genres.

With formal training in opera and classical piano, she’s come a long way from her humble beginning singing hymns and Amy Grant songs in her little country church. Her soprano vocals are unparalleled; she can deliver a sensitive ballad or worship song, yet belt out aggressive and emotional hard rock tunes within the same set. Her vocals always leave audiences and industry professionals impressed. In her career she’s sang for major commercial campaigns, directed and arranged for choirs, performed at hundreds of weddings, funerals, and ceremonies, and shared the stage with major label artists.

As a multi-instrumentalist, she “fills the gaps” when needed in Dave’s music. Her main instrument of choice is her five-string bass. Barbe can deliver a strong, intricate bass line while belting out her screaming vocal performance and commanding the stage with her energetic presence. She continually strives to develop her talents, and has even taken private lessons from Buckcherry/Goldfinger bassist Kelly T. LeMieux. Aside from her songwriting contributions, bass playing, and vocals, she handles keyboard duties when needed in the studio. She has a background in percussion and wind instruments including flute and saxophone, and has also supported Dave on electric guitar, (even taking a lead on occasion). Her superb abilities and talent prove her to be a necessary, much-desired, and definitely required force in the Mr. and Mrs. Paris Music Machine.