The song I always wanted to write, #UntilForever was written for one of my toughest audiences: my wife Barbe Paris in honor of our anniversary. The song features Bob Colquhoun from Live God Now on lead vocals and utilizes drop-tuned guitars in a modern rock power ballad style.

The video is brought to you in “Living Head-Cam” via the #GoPro camera my wife gave me, and is available on my YouTube Channel. Before I released the song, a humorous response message was quickly filmed where Bob helped me explain what went wrong with “Snickerdoodle” and what to expect from the new song “Until Forever.” Check out the entire history of these songs with the playlist on my YouTube page.

This song is a follow-up to the quirky #Snickerdoodle song I wrote, which ended up being an #EpicFail, both of which are available for download for just 91 cents at CD Baby & Bandcamp and my official website at

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Share the video and your impressions of my feelings with #SNICKERDOODLE and #UntilForever on Social Media!

This and other songs including from my “Jury of my Peers” release are available at iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon.

Until Forever Single

Until Forever – Dave Paris featuring Bob Colquhoun

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