I’ve released a new song as an anniversary gift to my wife, Barbe.

This extremely emotional song I’ve written for my wife opens up my vulnerability as a songwriter. Not being a lead singer, and suffering from a terrible cold, you’ll be shocked it was written, arranged, and recorded in about three weeks as auto-tune was stretched to the brink of its capabilities. Normally I don’t write sensitive love ballads, and I think you’ll hear my struggle as I try to write within this complex genre. You’ll also be amazed and confused as I reach deep down into my guts to convey gooey love themes and lyrical landscapes. You may be shocked that little time was spent re-writing lyrics, as most of them were from the first draft.

Being a guitarist who has been focusing primarily on instrumental compositions and who normally struggles with just the right words when it comes to how I feel, I hope you’ll see how much care and time was spent with this tribute to the unity my wife Barbe and I have had over the years. The music video is available on my official website at as well as my YouTube page (gtrdayve).
The single can also be purchased from CDBaby and Bandcamp; proceeds will go to purchasing an actual gift for my wife. The single is available for just 91 cents in honor of the year we were married! So pick up a copy and share the love.

Purchase at CDBaby
Purchase at Bandcamp

The video features past and present cats and dogs and other animals we’ve filmed over the years melded with this ballad to further convey the love and emotion within this arrangement.

Share the video and your impressions of my feelings with #SNICKERDOODLE on Social Media!

This and other songs including from my “Jury of my Peers” release are available at iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon.

Snickerdoodle Single

Snickerdoodle Single

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