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If you haven’t yet subscribed to my YouTube page you should. As you may know, I released my third official music video supporting my “Jury of my Peers” release for my song “Author of Fate”. Recently I also began releasing a video series showing the techniques I play on guitar during that song. This video series has so far covered 7-string playing conceptsdjent/metal rhythm and picking, and even contrary motion with special guest Barbe Paris appearing to help show the bass line. Just recently a series showing my approach using the eBow guitar effect was released. Future videos will include soloing techniques, finger tapping and picking, and more variations on 7-string rhythm playing from elements of the song. Be sure and subscribe to keep up on the latest videos!

But if you’re only into YouTube for the cat videos, I’ve got you covered there also! I released a three-part series on “Herding Cats” starring two of my cats and my beast bud Tralfaz the dog (Tralfaz and I wrote a song together years back which is also posted on my YouTube page). The first cat video shows how the “clowder/pack” lines up to go outside, how they go “back to base” when misbehaving, and how they form an orderly line to go back inside. Also featured in the video series is a jazzy, big band song I wrote, arranged, co-sang on, and recorded called “Scribbles’ Theme Song.”

So there’s all kinds of crazy going on at my YouTube page – be sure and check it out… Live videos from brief to epic, a few “unofficial” videos supporting my songs, several electric and acoustic cover tunes, and – of course – quirky animal videos. All my songs are available for download at iTunes, as well as Amazon, and CDBaby. Be sure and grab a copy before the grid crashes.


Speaking of videos…

My Instagram account is growing as well. I recently re-posted a video of me playing “Separate Ways” by Journey on a harp after only spending about 10 minutes in a store with it. Plus, there’s a video of my dog and I getting buillied by a squirell, so animal videos abound.


Looking for Live.

The band continues to look for opportunities to play out, so while we wait I’ve been working behind the scenes on some projects; not at the level of singing for AC/DC or anything like that, but keeping me busy and developing nonetheless. I have some live opportunities with other artists I’m working out, so you may see me with your favorite artist until DPG ramps back up.


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