From The Bloomfield Democrat:

Dave Paris Jury of My Peers Album Cover SmallCedar Rapids guitarist, Dave Paris, had a unique idea for a photo on the album cover of his new instrumental guitar release entitled “Jury of My Peers.”

After being turned down by the Linn County authorities, he thought of a city he had close ties to through friends and family that might accommodate his artistic direction — Bloomfield. Long-time friend, Bloomfield Main Street President Doug Dixon, helped Paris get permission to use the courtroom in the Davis County Courthouse in Bloomfield.

Dixon donated a few of his own guitars to the cause, and negotiated a good time for the photo session to take place. He and Paris arrived at the courthouse with a truckload of guitars. The two friends carefully unloaded the instruments and took them all inside.

They then filled each position that would make up a full court with a guitar representing each individual, from judge to jury members.

Paris has also recorded on albums for Diana Upton-Hill and Justin Hill, and has performed as the guitarist for their Christmas concerts in Bloomfield. He speaks highly of his visits to Bloomfield, considering it one of his favorite places to visit and to perform.

Paris has gained a reputation for being a “guitar player’s guitar player” and is now gaining national attention in genres from gospel to pop.

Paris says the idea for the photo shoot came from the title of his album, which he chose because he felt that it was, “an instrumental guitar album that guitar players will probably check out just to see if they’re better than me!”

(Source: The Bloomfield Democrat, March 4, 2015: page 6B)

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